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Recruiting Associates was established in 1978. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of professional recruiting and staffing. We are commited to delivering our services with honesty, integrity, and the utmost professionalism.

Professional Recruiting in Amarillo, Texas

At Recruiting Associates in Amarillo, Texas, we are familiar with the job market. We are experienced and ready to provide the highest quality service to the local, regional or national employment markets. We aim to match the best candidates with the best fitting jobs.  Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, Recruiting Associates will work to provide the best match possible.

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Recruiting Associates provides a full range of employment and workforce opportunities. Whether you are looking for full time or professional contact position our goal is to find a match that fits you. 

Interviewing Soon? Read over this checklist to make sure you are prepared to ace your interview and leave a good impression on potential employers!

Interview Checklist

1. Research the company you’re going to interview. Go to the library, review company information on the web

2. Is your resume up to date? Always bring extra copies to the interview. If more than one person is talking to you offer the other(s) a copy.

3. Practice interviewing. Be prepared to answer questions about your background, education etc. Always try to answer the questions in relation to the job your interviewing for.

4. Prepare to ask questions. What skills and experience do you think a person needs to be successful in this job? What do you think the first year goal is for this position? 2nd year? 5th year? Never ask about salary, vacation or benefits.

5. Dress properly for the interview. If job seekers knew how important dress is they would always “dress up” for an interview. Even if the company is casual, look professional for your interview.

6. Bring a pen, paper to take notes with. Always get the name of the people you speak with. Ask for their cards; get contact information, addresses, e-mail etc.

7. When you meet the person interviewing you look them in the eye, smile, offer your hand (give a good firm handshake, you don’t need to make their eyes water), introduce yourself. Maintain good eye contact (this is very, very important).

8. It is ok to ask about time frames, application and interview procedures, etc. Remember get information on the person or persons you spoke with, name, phone, email, and ask for one of their business cards.

9. When the interview is over, shake their hands, express your appreciation for their time and courtesy in meeting with you. Express your interest in the job and company using the interviewer’s name. It is Ok to ask if you can contact them.

10. As soon as you can write a thank you note to the interviewer. Something brief and simple. It is ok to email the thank you.

Job Search Assistance

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